Free Firewall

Free Firewall

Kegunaan firewall disaat ini sangatlah dibutuhkan guna mencegah hal-hal yang dapat merugikan PC/Notebook kita terutama sejak kehadiran internet yang sangat mudah diakses dimana-mana. Antivirus tidak begitu optimal jika kita memang sering online kecuali jika memang anda menggunakan antivirus yang sudah ada firewall di dalamnya seperti BitDefender Total Security, NOD32 Smart Security dll. Selain mendeteksi virus, worms atau trojans, firewall cukup efektif untuk mencegah masuknya hacker ke dalam PC/Notebook yang anda gunakan.

Berikut ini beberapa pilihan firewall gratis (Free Firewall) yang mungkin dapat dijadikan opsi buat menambah proteksi keamanan PC/Notebook selama anda online.
Anda bisa langsung baca komen-komen yang diberikan oleh para user/pengguna firewall ini langsung di sumber halaman downloadnya :)

1. Comodo Firewall 4.0

Comodo's free Firewall is your first layer of defense against viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, hackers, and all Internet threats. In order to prevent threats from occurring, rather than just detecting them when it's already too late, Comodo's Firewall utilizes unique Default Deny Protection. When a file or application knocks on your PC's door, Comodo Firewall is able to access a safe list of over 15 million files and applications that are known to be PC-friendly. If the file asking for access is on the list, Comodo Firewall can be sure it's safe for your computer to allow it to execute. If not, Comodo Firewall will alert you that a possibly malicious file is trying to enter your PC. Comodo Firewall is a learning; piece of software, able to recognize your downloads and alter its alerts accordingly. It's also easy to use - Firewall's attractive interface lets even beginners change settings to their liking. Comodo Firewall comes with automatic updates for the latest in PC protection.
Comodo Firewall 4.0 DOWNLOAD MIRROR
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2. Online Armor Free

Online Armor has a professional feel that is typical of freeware versions of advanced security tools, pared down to its firewall options. The installation is blazingly fast, taking less than 30 seconds from double-clicking on the installer to running the firewall. Once installed, Online Armor defaults to running its installation wizard, which it calls a Safety Check.

In addition to the firewall, which configures as much as possible during the start-up wizard so you're not bothered later, Online Armor comes with a keylogger guard, tamper protection, malicious script and worm protection, and limited autostart protection. The paid versions offer more, such as antivirus and anti-malware protection, phishing filters, online banking protection, and e-mail filtering. Even with these limitations, if you're not satisfied with the recently much-improved Windows firewall, Online Armor competently defends you from a wide range of sophisticated attacks.


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3. PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition is a powerful personal free firewall for Microsoft Windows that protects your computer from hackers and intruders. Firewalls control the network traffic in and out of your PC by monitoring applications that connect to the network. Firewall Plus can stop Trojans, backdoors, and keyloggers from damaging your computer and stealing your private information. PC Tools Firewall Plus is advanced technology designed specially for people, not experts. Powerful prevention against attacks and known exploits is activated by default and advanced users can also easily create their own packet filtering rules to customize the network defenses. The program is recommended for use alongside of AntiSpyware and Antivirus software like AVG or Spyware Doctor to protect PC against Spyware, hackers, worms, and viruses.

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Masih banyak firewall gratis (free firewall) lainnya seperti Zone Alarm Free Firewall, Ashampoo Free Firewall, Agnitum Outpost Free Firewall, dll, namun jika saya membaca komen-komen para pengguna firewall gratis tersebut HANYA TIGA (3) firewall gratis (free firewall) yang dapat dikatakan cukup efektif kualitasnya yaitu Comodo Firewall 4.0, Online Armor Free 4.0, dan PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition 6.0.

Semoga Bermanfaat :)

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